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Dr. Tajkarimi combines human art, technology and skills for the
creation of beautiful and contoured bodies like no traditional liposuction can deliver


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Dr. Tajkarimi’s skills, technology and understanding of the human artistic form will produce a much better result than any conventional liposuction. “The technique of High Definition Liposculpture” was born in response to the need to sculpt the human body in its four dimensions to obtain the athletic and natural shape that you as a patient are looking for…

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High Definition Liposculpture in the buttocks considers the general outline of the body and gives importance to the neighboring areas, that is why the fat transfer is used instead of using implants. The fat transfer elevates the buttocks, filling and stretching the flaccid skin, and creating a sexy and attractive appearance.

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The thighs, buttocks, and knees are the regions where fat is most easily deposited. This can be solved through a liposculpture which destroys and eliminates accumulated fat that not is an aesthetic way under the skin. In patients with very thin calves, fat transfer is used to increase the volume and definition of the area.

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Facial rejuvenation and skin tightening technology  help you reduce the visible signs over the years. It seeks to achieve a younger appearance or improve the shape and contour of facial features such as nose, eyes, cheekbones, chin, eyebrows, and ears.  We offer Botox Cosmetic, Morpheus 8, FaceTite and Fotona 4D.

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Liposculpture is an effective method that serves to mold and gives a more attractive appearance to your arms, thinner and more toned. In addition, with the use of technologies such as Vaser, Body tite and J Plasma an optimal retraction of the skin is created, which improves the appearance of the muscular structure and keeps the arms in shape.

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Body Contouring


You as a man are looking for a notorious mark and deep in the abdomen, pectorals, and arms to achieve an athletic and sexy appearance. High definition liposculpture technique helps you lose weight and fat, toning the abdomen and achieving the famous six packs for a more fitness look.

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Penile Implants

Penuma Implant

Penuma is the only male enhancement procedure cleared by FDA.  Dr. Tajkarimi performs 4-6 Penuma implants a week.  He performs the scarless Penuma implant.  visit Implant For Men Website for more information.

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