Benefits of Penile Vibratory Stimulation


Penile Vibratory Stimulation is an effective and safe solution for certain issues related to sexual dysfunction. It can be helpful for men who have trouble ejaculating naturally and those who experience erectile dysfunction. Vibratory stimulation

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Benefits of Penile Traction for Peyronie’s Disease


If you've been diagnosed with Peyronie's disease, penile traction may be the most effective treatment option for you. What is Peyronie's Disease? Peyronie's disease refers to the formation of hard plaque or scar tissue in

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Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease


Many moons ago, erectile dysfunction was believed to be a psychological issue brought on by depression after a heart attack. However, researchers now believe we had it backwards. What if the link between heart disease

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Is a Loss of Sex Drive Normal for Older Men?


As men age they may notice their sex drive decreases. This is a totally normal phenomenon and should not be cause for concern unless there are extreme circumstances. If you suspect a declining sex drive

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